Before & After School

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Before & After School

Age Range:
5 - 12 years
Areas of Learning:

Nature and Discovery

Science Exploration

Exercise and Physical Education

Social Skill Development

West County Day School has programs when you need child care before or after school hours, elementary school holidays, and early dismissal days. Your child will love participating in our high-quality school-age program. Based on the premise that learning happens all-day every-day, our program has been designed to meet the growing educational needs of children. Not only will your student get to spend time with friends, enjoying activities that are relevant to school-age interests, he’ll also be provided with homework help and skills enhancement.

West County Day School provides daily private transportation to and from many neighborhood schools, including after school transportation and programs throughout Missouri to serve your before and after school care needs.

Everyone’s Different, Everyone’s Unique: Your child is seeking to develop of sense of himself—what he can do, who he is, how others see him, and how he fits into the world. Our programs take into account the differing needs of children ranging in age from 5 to 12 years of age to ensure that they successfully find their place. Our schools carefully plan lessons and activities to support the interest of each child, whether it is technology, sports, art, quiet   reading, drama, organized games, cooking, or science.

Designed With You In Mind: To assist you and your family with your busy schedule, many of our center’s provide transportation to and from neighborhood schools. Our fun-filled and educational programs are aligned with school calendars and are available during holidays, teacher in-service days and other school breaks.

Outdoor Adventures and Activities: To balance out the academic portion of your school-age child’s day, our programs build in plenty of time for outdoor recreation and fun.

Help With Homework: In a relaxed and encouraging environment, your school-age student will be provided with homework assistance by our caring and trained teachers.