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Take Flight with the Ascend Curriculum!

The Ascend Curriculum developed by Cadence Education® develops your child’s cognitive, physical, social-emotional, and creative abilities. We use skill-based learning which has been proven to help students think critically, learn to solve problems, and become more independent.

Children don’t learn at the same pace or in the same way. The Ascend Curriculum offers a balance of structure & flexibility and enables our teachers to individualize instruction to accommodate the interests and learning styles of each student. Even our youngest students benefit from Ascend.

As the teachers work with a small group of students on an activity, other students are engaging in fun, hands-on lessons in learning centers throughout the classroom. This allows for personalized interactions between teachers and students. As a result, your child is engaged, supported, challenged, and having fun while independence and creativity soar.

Areas of Learning

King Child Subject LogoKind ChildWe support children’s social skills and character development through small group activities and personalized interactions to help them better understand their own emotions and respect the feelings of others.
Literacy Subject LogoLiteracyWe engage children in a wide variety of learning opportunities with rich conversation, asking thoughtful questions designed to stimulate their thinking.
Mathematics Subject LogoMathematicsOur program progressively introduces math concepts to children through a hands-on approach using a range of materials and real-life experiences.
Science & Sensory Subject LogoScience & SensoryThrough safe, sensory-based experiences, children have the opportunity to develop their curiosity about the world around them.
Physical Fitness Subject LogoPhysical FitnessChildren have fun and are challenged every day to reach age appropriate milestones through exciting games, sports, and other motor activities.
Creative Expression Subject LogoCreative ExpressionChildren are exposed to many creative experiences while learning important skills such as self-expression, creativity, and innovation.
Cultural Understanding Subject LogoCultural UnderstandingTeachers engage students in thoughtful interactions that dispel stereotypes and help children to appreciate differences and value diversity.

There are additional areas of focus, including Critical Thinking, Baby Signs, Spanish, and Technology depending on your child’s age.